Premier Nitrospray Plus Liquid Nitrogen Spray with 5 TIPS

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  • Nitrospray Plus (470mL)
  • Nitrospray Plus Lite (300mL)

Liquid Nitrogen Cryosurgical Instrument

A lightweight self-pressurized, and easy-to-handle liquid nitrogen device that is simple to operate for fast and efficient patient treatment. *Please note that this system does not come with liquid nitrogen in it. You will need to contact your local medical gas supplier to have it filled.

Premier Nitrospray Plus Cryosurgical Unit constructed of a double-walled vacuum stainless steel container to hold liquid nitrogen. The outflow track extension port, located on the top of the instrument has a luer-lock connector to easily engage/ disengage spray tips and other attachments as required.
Included accessories are spray tips of various diameters to vary flow rate, and a tip protector. For optional accessories, refer to the Available Accessories chart.


Trigger Operated, Closed System, Liquid Nitrogen Cryosurgical Unit

  • Improved Seal1 – Eliminates o-ring positioning.
  • Grooved Head – Easy to use, comfortable to hold.
  • Curved Trigger – Unobstructed view of treatment site.
  • Notched Head Grip – Easy to remove/install cap.
  • Three (3) year warranty

Static holding time:
6 – 8 hours

Intermittent use:
3 – 6 hours of patient treatment time

Nitrospray Plus
(470mL fill capacity)


Nitrospray Lite Plus
(300mL fill capacity)

  • Flask (300 or 470mL)
  • 5 spray tips
  • Spray Tip protector

Cryotherapy Nitrogen Spray


LSR Healthcare

Base Unit Option: 

Nitrospray Plus (470mL), Nitrospray Plus Lite (300mL)