Thermoflect® Patient Warming Blanket

  • Small 36” x 40” (Box 60)
  • Medium 48” x 48” (Box 50)
  • Large 48” x 84” (Box 25)
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Thermoflect® Patient Warming Blanket

Thermoflect Heat Reflective Technology. Simple Science for Patient Warming. Thermoflect is a simple solution for patient warming that utilizes NASA pioneered science instead of electricity. The innovative Thermoflect material reflects a patient’s own body heat, banking it while preventing convective heat loss (wind chill).

  • Cost-effective and ultra-lightweight
  • Trusted: part of the US military’s hypothermia prevention protocol.
  • Standard of care: widespread growing use at human surgery centres across the country
  • Credibility: numerous clinical trials and evaluations have shown the benefits of Thermoflect.

Prewarming of patients before anaesthesia induction and surgery prep is known as ‘banking heat’.

Most procedures requiring anaesthesia are under for 45 at least minutes. Thermoflect is a simple four-layer construction designed to promote normothermia and help prevent hypothermia using the patient’s endogenous body heat.



Thermoflect Patient Warming Blanket


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Small 36” x 40” (Box 60), Medium 48” x 48” (Box 50), Large 48” x 84” (Box 25)