bébé Vie Scope Laryngoscope for Paediatric Use

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Adroit Surgical’s patented one size paediatric bébé Vie Scope™ is a self-contained, battery-powered, disposable laryngoscope for intubating toddlers to age 10 years.

The light is transmitted through the sidewall of the tube from end to end, as well as within the lumen of the tube to give the user the best illumination of the vocal cords with minimal chance of light obstruction by secretions or blood. The bébé Vie™ technique is similar to the Vie Scope® in one respect only with gentle rotation against the upper gum or teeth using a rubber tooth guard extending along its length.

Unlike the Vie Scope® which has an enclosed tube, the bébé Vie™ has a large open slot on the right side of the blade along its entire length.

Users can intubate children with an age-appropriate endotracheal tube (ETT) directly using a ‘sideways’ insertion technique.

Users can insert the tip of the bébé Vie Scope™ either in the vallecula like a Macintosh laryngoscope, or use the blade tip to elevate the epiglottis just like a Miller. The bébé Vie Scope™ can also be used as a bougie introducer.


Who Can Use the bébé Vie Scope™?

The bébé Vie Scope™ can be used by EMS, field medics, emergency medicine, and critical care teams as well as anesthesiologists for endotracheal intubation. The bébé Vie Scope™ is based on the ENT Parsons laryngoscope which has been used for years to intubate challenging paediatric airway patients.


How Do You Use the bébé Vie Scope™?

Paediatric intubation is straightforward using the bébé Vie™ including in emergent cases. The entire blade does not have to be fully inserted into the child’s mouth. Using landmarks such as the epiglottis, the user, under direct vision, can decide either to elevate the epiglottis or place the blade tip in the vallecula to visualize the vocal cords. Using the same technique as the Vie Scope®, the vocal cords are easily seen with the bébé Vie™ by gentle rotation back upon the upper teeth or gums using the built in rubber tooth guard. The user selects an age-appropriate ETT which is inserted through the large open right sided slot directly between the vocal cords using a ‘sideways’ tube insertion technique.

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