Dynasthetics Vapor-Clean Charcoal Filters for MH Malignant-Hyperthermia

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  • Vapor-Clean Filters 3 pairs
  • Vapor-Clean Filters 8 pairs

Dynasthetics Vapor-Clean Charcoal Filters can be used on any make and any model of Standardize Anaesthesia Machine Preparation for MH-Susceptible Patients.

Ready in Under 90 Seconds
The internal components of modern anaesthesia machines capture and hold volatile anaesthetics which are released when the machine is used for a new patient. Even trace amounts of vapor can be harmful to susceptible patients. Previously, flushing the anaesthesia machine with the high fresh gas flow for an extended time before a case was thought to help decrease the risk to susceptible patients.

Now, in less than 90 seconds, Vapor-Clean activated charcoal filters reduce exposure to less than 5ppm of desflurane, sevoflurane, and isoflurane molecules from reaching the patient for an entire case lasting up to 12 hours.

• Compatible with all anaesthesia machines
• Two-year minimum shelf life
• Reduces costly operating room delays due to “surprise” MH-susceptible patients
• Negligible additional breathing circuit resistance
• No need to remove CO2 absorbent
• Compatible with both standard two-limb and coaxial breathing circuits

For an MH Crisis:
Curtail Exposure to Volatile Agents Without Delaying Dantrolene. 
In the event of an MH crisis, physicians can quickly turn off the anaesthetic gas, and place the Vapor-Clean onto the machine to curtail further exposure without delaying the administration of dantrolene, and without switching to manual ventilation.

Without the Vapor-Clean, the time needed to replace the anaesthesia machine, or change the circle system and CO2 absorbent can often delay the administration of dantrolene.



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Vapor-Clean Filters 3 pairs, Vapor-Clean Filters 8 pairs