Disposable EtCO2 Nasal Sampling Cannula Adult with Male Luer

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  • 2 meters PACK/100
  • 3 meters PACK/100

Nasal Cannula O2/CO2 with Sample Line

ETCO2 Sampling Cannula Adult with Curved Prong

Disposable Adult Oxygen Nasal Cannula with CO2 Sampling box of 100

• Designed for oxygen supply and sampling of exhaled CO2 gas simultaneously.
• By delivering oxygen through one prong and sampling exhaled gas from the other, the nasal cannula can provide end-tidal values comparable to those achieved with intubated patients.
• Designed to prevent mixing of fresh oxygen with CO2
• Available in 2m and 3m length box of 100

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LSR Healthcare

Available size: 

2 meters PACK/100, 3 meters PACK/100




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