Nerve Stimulator and Twitch Monitor - TOF3D

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Nerve Stimulator and Twitch Monitor  

The Future is back! MIPM introduces TOF3D.


TOF3D – From the creators of TOF Watch*


The all-rounder in the field of neuromuscular transmission monitoring that meets all requirements of anesthesiologists.

  • Various stimulation modes: TOF, PTC, TET, DBS, Single Twitch
  • 3-dimensional acceleration measurement
  • Battery operation: + More than 1,500 hours continuous operation      
  • Use of standard AA batteries
  • Large 4.4-inch LCD display
  • Integration to patient monitors and operation via patient monitors*
  • Placement at  the OR table, IV pole or standard rail
  • Individual warning messages for lower and upper TOF limits
  • Surface body temperature measurement
  • Integrated trend memory can be downloaded to external devices or transferred to external devices.

*TOF-Watch® is a registered trademark of Merck Sharp & Dohme B.V.

*Depending on the monitor model


Our motto: If we monitor, we do it the right way. 

A simple application of all adhesive electrodes – reliable measurement!

  • Use of standard electrodes
  • Transducer placement at different measurement locations
  • Impedance monitoring for optimal stimulation
  • Automatic calibration function for alignment with patient's individual response (freely selectable by user)
  • Individual TOF intervals


The large display shows all relevant information at the same time and clearly.


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