Bovie Derm 952 Bantam PRO - High Frequency Electrosurgical Generator Monopolar / Bipolar 50W

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A brand new low-power, electrosurgical unit from Bovie that allows you to perform most minor office-based procedures, at the lowest cost possible.


The Bovie Bantam | PRO, A952 is designed and engineered to be the most reliable and durable generator available today. The unit's life is prolonged by incorporating the latest chip technology and reducing the number of internal parts, thereby generating less internal heat. Unit cleanup is simplified by its non-absorbing, non-staining, high-impact ABS enclosure.

  • 40W Fulguration, 40W Bipolar, 40W Micropolar with 0.1W adjustments up to 10W and 1W adjustments up to 40W
  • Up to 50 watts in cut mode, blended cut mode, and pinpoint coagulation mode
  • Simplicity is achieved using easy-touch, color-coded membrane pads, and by placing all user controls and outputs on the unit’s compact front panel
  • When in electrosurgical generator mode, the unit features Bovie NEMTM pad sensing technology which monitors the return electrode for optimum patient protection.
  • Superior quality, autoclaveable power control pencil with 3-button adjustment
  • Audible tone to indicate power level is being changed
  • The ability for an assistent to control power via the rotary dial on the device
  • Features a large, clear LED display for excellent visibility from a distance
  • Optional footswitch available if foot activation is preferred
  • No patient plate required
  • Height: 18.8cm, Width: 22.8cm, Depth: 10.5cm, Weight: <2.26kg
  • 4 Year warranty


    Wall mount kit (A837)
    Power control pencil (A902)
    2 Sterile disposable sheaths (A910ST)
    2 Non-Sterile disposable sheaths (A910)
    2 Reusable grounding cord (A1252C)
    5 Single-use split grounding pads (ESRE)
    3 Sterile single use blade electrodes (ES01)
    1 Sterile single use needle electrode (ES02)
    1 Sterile single use ball electrode (ES20)
    5 Non-Sterile single use sharp dermal tips (A804)
    2 Sterile single use sharp dermal tips (A805)
    5 Non-Sterile single use blunt dermal tips (A806)
    2 Sterile single use sharp dermal tips (A807)
    2 Non-Sterile single use DERM-Elite premium blunt dermal tips (A806DE)
    2 Sterile single-use DERM-Elite premium blunt dermal tips (A807DE)
    AC power cord
    User Guide





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