BPLab 24-Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor - Standard

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BPLAB Standard 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor


  • Method of measurement: Oscillometric
  • For daily monitoring of blood pressure in the office and for 24 hours (duration up to 6 days)
  • For one-time measurements during screening studies in diagnostic room Storage of oscillograms (quick artefact detection) BPLab daily BP monitors can be equipped with a built-in activity and body position module

Cuffs: 7 sizes of latex-free (non-allergic and non-toxic) durable cuffs:

  • 12-16 cm, 16-24 cm, 24-32 cm, 28-40 cm, 32-42 cm, 38-50 cm (radial cuff with plastic holder), 45-60 cm (femoral cuff for ABI-assessment)

Package includes:

  • Wearable monitor
  • Pouch with waist and shoulder straps
  • cuff 24-32cm (or another size upon customer’s request)
  • Cuff clip
  • 1 x Extension hose
  • BPLabWin - Daily monitoring data analysis software (standard edition), on CD
  • Measuring Tape


ABP Monitor


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