Carilex Coziny 100 Alternating Air Mattress for Incubator

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Carilex Coziny 100 Alternating Air Mattress for Incubator

Specification Mattress
Height 30 mm
Length 650 mm
Load Capacity (supplier stated) 3.5 kg
Width 350 mm


* Coziny 100 is made from one piece with extra soft 100% PU cells and a hidden zipper to protect baby skin prevention secondary injury from the mattress and providing optimal comfort.
* 46 air cells made with the minimal gap for better comfort and to protect baby skin
* Special temperature distributing air channels
* Extra soft 100% TPU air inlets to protect baby from sharp edges and protruding objects
* Extra soft 100% TPU connecting hoses to prevent kinking and ensure baby safety
* Quick release coupling

* Dartex coverlet
* High quality waterproof, moisture permeable, high level of fire retardancy, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal coating. Provide protection for patient's skin against friction and shear

Power Unit
* Intelligent Pressure Sensing (IPS) - responds to patient movement on the mattress by automatically adjusting internal mattress pressure. IPS monitors the mattress's internal pressure 24 hours a day to achieve optimal internal pressure and ensure maximum pressure relief.
* Low-pressure alarm. Both audible and visible alarms to notify medical staff when the pressure sensor detects an abnormal drop in the system's internal pressure.
* Comfort Knob. Adjusts internal pressure to suit an individual patient's needs.
* Load Capacity (supplier stated) 3.5 kg


Coziny 100