Carilex Coziny 300 Alternating Pressure Mattress to Suit Crib

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Carilex Coziny 300 Alternating Pressure Mattress to Suit Crib

Alternating Pressure Cot Mattress

The Coziny 300 is an alternating pressure cot mattress designed specifically for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers in infants and small children at a High to Very High Risk of developing pressure ulcers. After operations, most infants cannot be positioned therefore the Coziny 300 is an ideal solution to provide gentle pressure relief adapted to the light bodyweight.

Featuring Intelligent Pressure Sensing Technology the Coziny 300 automatically adjusts internal mattress pressure in response to the infant's movements and position. A low-pressure alarm system detects any abnormal drop in the systems of internal pressure and notifies nursing staff through both audible and visual alarms.

The Coziny 300 is a double-layered, 2-cell cycle alternating pressure air mattress featuring a top layer of 39 alternating air cells supported by a 3cm base layer of foam encased in welded, waterproof fabric for ease of cleaning which prevents bottoming out in the event of power failure.


Comfort control Adjusts internal pressure to suit an individual patient’s need
Low-pressure alarm Both audible and visible alarms to notify nursing staff when the pressure sensor detects an abnormal drop in the system’s internal pressure.
Special temperature distributing air channels Allows the heat from the incubator to evenly distribute throughout the whole mattress and keep the baby warm.
Hidden zipper with protection pad Provides enhanced safety and comfort.
Quick-release coupling Enables fast patient transferring and provides an easy connection between the power unit and mattress
Modular air cell construction For easy cleaning, repair, and replacement
1.5 cm base layer of foam Prevents bottoming out in the event of a power failure.
Waterproof, moisture permeable, Dartex cover Provides excellent protection for patient’s skin against friction and shear whilst anti-bacterial and anti-fungal coating aids infection control.

Alternating Pressure Mattress