DermLite DL3N Hand-Held Dermatoscope with Charging Stand

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DermLite DL3N Hand-Held Dermatoscope with Charging Stand

Included in the box: Dermlite DL3N device, Leather pouch, Charging base with a power pack, Manual.

Optional: Smartphone connectors

The new DermLite DL3N has refined optics and improved visualization of both pigmented and vascular structures, it is the tool of choice of the world’s leading dermatologists. 

High precision and crafted from recyclable aluminum, it features a 25 mm four-element lens, 28 high-powered LEDs, and the all-new PigmentBoost™ illumination. For optimum ease of use, a quick tap on its power button instantly toggles between polarization modes while the optional PigmentBoost mode produces a warmer illumination reminiscent of conventional dermatoscopes. 


  • 25mm four-element lens
  • 28 high-powered LEDs
  • The DL3 has PigmentBoost enhance visualization of pigmented structures within skin lesions
  • Glass faceplate with 10 mm markings
  • Desktop charger for convenient storage
    Compatible with various smartphone and tablet devices (with appropriate adaptors supplied separately)
  • Warranty: 10 years (For sales after 1 July 2018)


If you are interested in having a 4th-generation DermLite dermatoscope, consider the DermLite DL4W Hand-Held Dermatoscope, it has the most refined vision in dermoscopy.


DermLite DL3N