Mindray VS600 Vital Signs Monitor

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Mindray VS600 Vital Signs Monitor with Mindray-SpO2-Sensor


    Mindray VS600 Vital Signs monitor

    The Mindray VS600 is a compact, light vital signs monitor featuring an integrated high-performance battery and integrated carrying handle, making it ideally suited for mobile monitoring of vital signs. Its function keys and its clear, well thought out design make the Mindray VS600 very easy to use, while the vital signs display is so clear and bright that it can be clearly read from some distance away.

    The Mindray VS600 vital signs monitor is available in a range of designs and with an optional temperature module.

    Product details

    • Vital signs monitor Mindray VS600
    • Screen size: 5.7"
    • To monitor NIPB (non-invasive blood pressure), SpO2, pulse rate, and optional temperature
    • Suitable for adults, children, and newborn infants
    • Battery or mains operated
    • Operating life with battery approximately 11 hours
    • Perfusion index display
    • With an integrated carrying handle for easy transport
    • Dimensions: 24,3 x 13,4 x 12cm
    • Available in 3 models


    Technical details

    • Display size: 90 x 99mm
    • Weight (including battery) approx. 1.7kg
    • With integrated, rechargeable li-ion battery
    • Meets the requirements set out in the IEC60601 series of technical standards
    • Determines the perfusion index (PI) and therefore also the quality of the current SpO2 reading
    • To determine non-invasive blood pressure, pulse rate, oxygen saturation, and optional temperature

    The Mindray VS600 is available in the following designs

    • Monitor including battery with Mindray SpO2 sensor
    • Monitor including battery with Mindray SpO2 sensor and SmarThemp temperature module with a temperature probe (oral/axillary)


    The Mindray VS600 vital signs monitor is delivered with a user manual, li-ion battery, blood pressure cable and inflatable cuff (standard size for adults), SpO2 sensor (Mindray), and optional SmarThemp temperature module with a temperature probe.



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    Vital Signs Monitor