ProPulse Irrigator Electronic Ear Syringe

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ProPulse Ear Irrigator

The new ProPulse® G5 Ear Irrigator has been designed with both the patient and the clinician in mind. Examples of the ergonomic improvements include the new handle design which makes it easier to remove the QrX™ tip. The Propulse® Ear Irrigator is intended to:

  1. Facilitate the removal of cerumen and foreign bodies that are not hygroscopic from the meatus.
  2. Remove discharge, keratin or debris from the external auditory meatus by irrigation with warm water.

Reasons for using this procedure are to:

  1. Correctly treat otitis externa where the meatus is obscured by debris.
  2. Improve conduction of sound into the ear, where impacted wax is believed to be the cause of a hearing defect.
  3. Examine the external auditory meatus and the tympanic membrane.
  4. Remove a cause of discomfort.

Package Includes

  • ProPulse Ear Irrigator 
  • Footswitch
  • 10x QrX Tips
  • 5x Mushroom Valves
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Reservoir Tank with Lid
  • User Manual

Ear Irrigator and Ear Specula


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