W&H S-16 Surgical Handpiece

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W&H S-16 Surgical Handpiece


  • Angled 1:2 handpiece
  • Without light
  • External spray

The S-16 surgical handpiece facilitates interventions, even in the retromolar area. A plethora of well-thought-out details, such as the handpiece’s special angulation, high cutting speed and cutting performance enable optimal surgical results.

Technical refinements and well-thought-out details are two of the things that ultimately place W&H’s surgical handpieces and contra-angles above all others: versatile transmission instruments that allow achieving optimal surgical results. W&H’s S-16 handpiece now makes surgical interventions through to the retromolar area possible. The handpiece’s special angulation enables comfortable access and considerably improved visibility of the treatment site. W&H thus combines features of straight and contra-angle handpieces in a unique way.

With a transmission ratio of 1:2 and a speed of up to 80,000rpm on the rotary instrument, the handpiece is a truly powerful solution. The high cutting speed and cutting performance enables you to work on teeth and bone in a precise and efficient manner.

The external spray cools the standard bur and the surgery area with a sterile saline solution. As with all of W&H’s transmission instruments, the surface of the S-16 is scratch-resistant and can be easily disassembled without any tools. The handpiece is therefore easy to clean and fully meets the high hygiene requirements of surgical interventions.

Optimal access

The special angle allows optimal access and considerably better visibility of the treatment site in the premolar and molar areas.

Perfect cleaning

To satisfy the stringent hygiene requirements, the straight handpiece can be dismantled.

High cutting performance and time-saving

Thanks to the 1:2 transmission ratio it can be worked extremely precise and timesaving up to 80,000 rpm.

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W&H S-16 Surgical Handpiece